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2022_J.Env.Psych - EDiSDI_Invariance OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2022Engagement and disengagement with sustainable development : further conceptualization and evidence of validity for the Engagement/Disengagement in Sustainable Development Inventory (EDiSDI)Moreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Hanel, Paul H. P.; Faria, Sara; Araújo, Marta; Pedras, Susana; Cunha, DianaArticleOpen Access
2021_Soc.Psychol.Personal.Sci - Humor_Personality.pdf.jpg2021Humor and personality : temperament and character have different rolesMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cloninger, C. RobertArticleOpen Access
2021_J.Posit.Psychol - Virtues_Personality OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2021Virtues in action are related to the integration of both temperament and character : comparing the VIA classification of virtues and Cloninger’s biopsychosocial model of personalityMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cloninger, C. RobertArticleOpen Access
2021_J.ChildFam.Stud - EVS_WB.pdf.jpg2021The exposure to violence questionnaire in adolescents: psychometrics and associations with well-beingPedras, Susana; Moreira, Paulo; Ramanlho, Sofia; Inman, Richard A.; Faria, Sara; Araújo, MartaArticleOpen Access
2021_Int.J.Psychol.Psychol.Ther - Gypsy_WB OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2021Subjective wellbeing in gypsy studentsMoreira, Paulo; Biblimória, Helena; Lopes, SandraArticleOpen Access
2021_Int.J.Psychol.Psychol.Ther - BAPPI OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2021Beliefs About Psychological Problems Inventory (BAPPI) : development and psychometric propertiesMoreira, Paulo; Cardoso, Ana M. G.; Cancela, Diana M. G.; Oliveira, João TiagoArticleOpen Access
2021_Curr.Psychol - React_Personality.pdf.jpg2021Reactance and personality : assessing psychological reactance using a biopsychosocial and person-centered approachMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cloninger, C. RobertArticleOpen Access
2021_Collabra - EID Scale. OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2021Assessing the unidimensionality of Clayton’s Environmental Identity Scale using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Bifactor Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling (bifactor-ESEM)Moreira, Paulo; Loureiro, Ana; Inman, Richard A.; Olivos-Jara, PabloArticleOpen Access
2021_Br.J.Educ.Psychol - Engage_Personality.pdf.jpg2021Student engagement with school and personality: a biopsychosocial and person-centered approachMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cloninger, Kevin; Cloninger, C. RobertArticleOpen Access
2020_Scand.J.Educ - App.to.learn and Pers_.pdf.jpg2020The psychobiological model of personality and its association with student approaches to learning : Integrating temperament and characterMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Rosa, Inês; Cloninger, Kevin; Duarte, António; Cloninger, C. RobertArticleOpen Access
2020_Rev.Psico.Eng - SSES.pdf.jpg2020Assessing the dimensionality of student school engagement survey : support for a multidimensional bifactor modelInman, Richard A.; Moreira, Paulo; Cunha, Diana; Castro, JorgeArticleOpen Access
2020_L.Ind.Diff - School_Effects_Cog_Engage.pdf.jpg2020School social organization influences adolescents' cognitive engagement with school : the role of school support for learning and of autonomyMoreira, PauloArticleOpen Access
2020_L.Ind.Diff - APSCI.LatentCluster.pdf.jpg2020Applying the transtheoretical model to adolescent academic performance using a person-centered approach : a latent cluster analysis.Moreira, Paulo; Faria, Vânia; Cunha, Diana; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
2019_J.Psychoeduc.Assess - MMSE.pdf.jpg2019An integration of multiple student engagement dimensions into a single measure and validity-based studiesMoreira, Paulo; Cunha, Diana; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
2020_J.Happi.Stud - Personality_Attachment_WB.pdf.jpg2020Personality, attachment, and well-being in adolescents : the independent effect of attachment after controlling for personalityMoreira, Paulo; Pedras, Susana; Silva, Márcia; Moreira, Maria; Oliveira, JoanaArticleOpen Access
2020_EJIHPE - Pers_WB_App.to.learn_AcPerf OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2020Students’ personality contributes more to academic performance than well-being and learning approach : implications for sustainable development and educationMoreira, Paulo; Pedras, Susana; Pombo, PaulaArticleOpen Access
2020_Child.Psychiatry.Hum.Dev - YSR_Personality.pdf.jpg2020Personality networks and emotional and behavioral problems : integrating temperament and character using Latent Profile and Latent Class AnalysesMoreira, Paulo; Inman, Richard A.; Cloninger, RobertArticleOpen Access
2019_Pers.Ind.Dif - LoC.Collectivist.pdf.jpg2019Locus of control, negative live events and psychopathological symptoms in collectivist adolescentsMoreira, Paulo; Vaz, João Machado; Stevanovic, Dejan; Olayinka, Atilola; Dodig-Ćurković, Katarina; Mohamad, Avicenna; Multazam Noor, Isa; Monteiro, Luis Antonio Campos; Ribas, Adriana; Stupar, Dusko; Deljkovic, Azra; Nussbaum, Laura; Thabet Abdelaziz, Dino; Petrov, Petar; Vostanis, Panos; The International Child Mental Health Study GroupArticleOpen Access
2020_Eur.J.Psychol.Assess - EDISDI.pdf.jpg2020The Engagement/Disengagement in Sustainable Development Inventory (EDiSDI)Moreira, Paulo; Ramalho, Sofia; Inman, Richard A.ArticleOpen Access
2015_Front.Psychol - Personality_WB_Adolescents OA.PUBLISHER.VERSION.pdf.jpg2015Personality and well-being in adolescentsMoreira, Paulo; Cloninger, C. Robert; Dinis, Liliana; Sá, Laura; Oliveira, João T.; Dias, Adelaide; Oliveira, JoanaArticleOpen Access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33