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IJEIM_n5_1.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Employees' satisfaction as explanatory factor of business failure : an inter-sectorial analysis for SpainManzaneque Lizano, Montserrat; Banegas Ochovo, Regino; Priego de la Cruz, Alba MaríaArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_11.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Waste collection vehicle routing problem considering similarity pattern of trashcan and garbage unloadingFooladi, Somayeh; Fazlollahtabar, Hamed; Mahdavi, IrajArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n4_7.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2015System support for urban computing an RFIDcaching hunting gameLima, Rui Manuel Dias FerreiraArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_5.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Development of new products using APQP and quality gatesDourado, João Paulo; Silva, Rui; Silva, Ângela Maria Esteves daArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_7.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Emergy signature for human services in Portuguese traded resourcesMartins, Cecília Maria Alves Torres; Oliveira, Carlos Alberto Rego deArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n4_4.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2015The importance of corporate social responsability in the brand image : the "Nespresso" case studyOliveira, Maria Elisabeth Faria Real de; Rodrigues, PaulaArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_9.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015A benchmarking study on organizational creativity practices in high tecnology industriesSousa, Fernando Cardoso de; Monteiro, Ileana PardalArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_2.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Optimization of plasma transferred arc welding process parameter for hardfacing of stellite 6B on duplex stainless steel using taguchi methodDeshmukh, D.D.; Kalos, P.S.ArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n5_3.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Development of an automated tool to consolidate information about Portuguese civil parishesOliveira, Fábio André Lopes de; Pereira, Vítor Emanuel de Matos Loureiro da SilvaArticleOpen Access
IJEIM_n4_1.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2015Mentoring and its meaning for HRD in all-consuming organizationSusabowska, KatarzynaArticleOpen Access